"Add New" item to checklist button should also be at the bottom of the checklist.


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    Hi Kathryn!

    Charleigh from the Product Team here at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out and providing us with this feedback! Couple of questions for you -

    • To confirm, is your role at the brokerage a transaction specialist? Is this similar to a TC or an auditor?
    • When there are multiple of a certain document (ie multiple deposits), new checklist lines are being created every time? If so, can you walk us through the workflow?

    Looking forward to your reply! Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Kathryn Irving
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    Yes, a TS is similar to an auditor. 

    I have made a screen recording of the workflow which I can email you if you would be so kind as to provide an email address for me to send it to. 

  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Kathryn!

    Thank you so much for the quick reply! We will reach out via email shortly.

    Thanks again!

    Charleigh, Product Operations

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