Allowing brokerages to create deadlines on specific documents


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    Hi John!

    Charleigh from the Product Team here at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out and providing us with this feedback! I think that this is a great idea! Couple of questions for you -

    • What type of documents would typically have a deadline like you mentioned?
    • Where would you envision enabling this setting? Where would you envision the deadlines showing?
    • Would you expect notifications to notify agents of deadlines?

    Looking forward to your reply! Thanks again and have a great day!

  • John Harding
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    Hi Charleigh, 

    Thanks for reaching out! 

    -As you may know, all documents should be submitted prior to close of escrow. But some documents should be submitted well before that. It would be cool to have all documents with a "default due date" of close of escrow. But then, the admin could go in to specific documents and provide a different due date. For example, the loan status update needs to be provided 10 days after contract acceptance. The pre-qualification should be submitted with the offer - so due immediately. The earnest money receipt should be within 2 business days, etc. 

    - For enabling this, I think it would be nice for the admin to decide to do this entirely as a brokerage. The nice thing is that these "deadlines" could be provided to all users - with the default of close of escrow, and the ability to edit. Since contracts stipulate timelines, I think admin having the ability to review the contract and then modify due dates would be incredible. 

    - I think the deadlines could show as the "status". For example, instead of saying "required" - it could say "Due in 3 days" with shades of red that matched the urgency? My guess is that this would reduce development cost lol. But it could also be an entirely new column with dates? 

    - Notifications would be nice. Especially if they have "expired" documents that are not yet uploaded. I think that would be a tremendous feature and would automate some of the brokerage/admin side of transaction review. Basically, as soon as the deadline is set, the broker can rely on the system to notify agents of upcoming docs needing review. This would help with policy compliance, etc. 

    Thank you for the thoughtful response. Hope it helps!

  • Elinor Howell
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    I'd love to see this as well. We have conditional dating on "Tasks", so being able to set those on our Checklist templates would be amazing.


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