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    Hi Sonia!

    Charleigh from the Product Team here at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out and providing us with this feedback! We can definitely see the value in receiving notifications for changes made to the commission tab. At this time, I do not have a timeline that I am able to provide. We do have a couple of questions for you - what information would you expect to be included in the notification? Who would receive them? 

    Looking forward to your reply! Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Sonia Tontodonati
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    Hi Charleigh,  thanks for the follow up.  In response  to your questions :
    -    Currently we as admins receive email notifications when changes are made to only the Commission Info section under the ‘Commission’ tab in Skyslope (this is typically a percentage/rate change or dollar-amount change to the commission).  But… we would also like to receive notifications whenever any sort of changes or entries are made by agents or their assistants to any of the other sections under this tab, specifically the ‘Referral Details’ tab or ‘Additional Commission Information’ tab or ‘Commission Split’ tab  or ‘Commission Breakdown’ – I’ve highlighted all 4 below:

    -    The notification can read the same as the emails we typically receive for changes to the Commission Info section.  As long as we’re alerted to the fact that a change to any of the 5 sections under the Commission tab (not just the first section ‘Commission Info’) has been made – either by an agent (or anyone really) - then we, as admin staff, will know to go and investigate what the change/update is.  It would be helpful if the notification mentions which section under the Commission tab has been altered – whether it be the Referral Details section or the Commission Breakdown section, etc etc.

    Thank you,

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