Dropdown Menus in Data Entry (ie. Create Transaction Page)


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    Hi Kathryn!

    Charleigh from the Product Team here at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out and providing us with this feedback! This makes a lot of sense to me. Couple of questions for you -

    • Is the improvement you mentioned in attempt to increase the speed of the create transaction flow (or something else, ie accuracy, ease of use, etc)?
    • Are there other items you'd like to see adjusted in the create transaction flow?
    • Are there items that work particularly well for you in the create transaction flow?

    Thanks again and have a great day!

  • Kathryn Irving
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    It is both for the speed and also accessibility, accurate mouse clicks can be a challenge for me. 

    One other little thing is that when you are tabbing through the fields on the enter transaction page it tabs to close date and then acceptance date even though the fields are in the opposite order to that on the page. It is a little thing but I mess up from time to time when in auto-pilot and just looking ahead. 

    If I come up with more suggestions I will for sure make a post with it. 

    Any time I don't have to use the mouse to select things works great for me. 


  • Kathryn Irving
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    I thought of one more thing. It would be fantastic if on the check list tab there was a second [+ Add New] button at the bottom of the Sales Documentation list. If you are adding more than one item you have to scroll all the way to the top to add a new item from the bottom where you added the item between each item. 

    Also, if there was an option to sort that list by "status" so that we don't have to scroll through everything all the time to see what is still needed/needs approved/etc but could make them be all grouped together. 

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