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    Prod Squad

    Hi Karen!

    Thank you so much for the feedback! Please see my responses below:

    1. Clauses is something we have on our radar - no ETA on that yet, but while I have you - would the agent be setting up their own clauses or would that mostly come from the broker?

    2. Would you send all your forms to both the buyer and seller from the same forms file or would you want to keep each side in their own file? Also, given you can link a forms file to a transaction or listing in SkySlope, would you want signed documents to go to the same transaction in SkySlope or keep them separate? What do you do if the buyer falls through and you have a new buyer, would you start a completely new forms file at that point?

    3. We do have an MLS import tool, and depending on how the MLS feed is set up, sometimes we get varying amounts of data. Would you be able to provide me with an MLS number (or several) that did not have the info you were looking for so we can make sure everything is working properly?

    4. Great idea! That is on our radar - no ETA just yet.

    Thank you again Karen - looking forward to hearing back!

    - Megan Lutes, Product Manager

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