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Quick Audit Feature on other web pages.




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    Prod Squad

    Thanks for your feedback, Andy!

    If I am understanding correctly, you need a way to quickly review files even when a document has not been uploaded to the checklist. To help me better understand, it would be great if you could answer a few questions:

    • What are some circumstances in which a checklist item is 'required' and the agent does not upload a document? How often would you say this happens? Why isn't the checklist item 'optional' instead?
    • Quick Audit is designed so that you can review documents that have been uploaded and are pending review. If there was a "Quick Audit like feature" implemented on Manage Transactions or Manage Listings, what would you expect to review as you go through each file? For example, would you expect to review checklist items that were 'required' but a document was not uploaded, a summary of checklist items, all documents uploaded to that file, or some combination of these things?

    In the meantime, we'll continue to monitor this post for upvotes and comments.

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

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    Andy Barnes

    Agents need multiple reminders when they don't respond.    They get an email and just forget about it. To go in to Manage Transactions one at a time is very time consuming.  Another issue is that they routinely make a comment about a form  Sometimes they don't understand a comment  our staff has made.  Nothing triggers an audit if they make a comment.  Then it comes time to close the transaction and they are mad because they made a comment and we never responded to it.  If that ends up delaying their payment we end up having issues.  Just because a document is required doesn't mean that agents are good about using the program they way it was intended.  As an agent myself I understand their mindset.  It is like babysitting.

    If you implemented a quick audit function we would review each transaction to see if there are "required items" and see if the agents made and comments, then, hit update agent, then move to the next transaction.  In my case that is 100's of transactions at any given moment.   

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