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Property Management - Lease and Security Deposit Disposition




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    Prod Squad

    Hi Jennifer!

    Kylee from our Product team here at SkySlope. Thank you for taking the time to provide us with your feedback! To clarify, are you referring to a particular form that you access via SkySlope Forms, or were you referring to another area in SkySlope where you'd like to see this automation? Looking forward to hearing from you soon :)

    Happy SkySloping!

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    Jennifer Rice

    Hi Kylee,

    My name is Lori, but I sign in under Jennifer's account. Sorry for the confusion! In Skyslope Forms we prepare the AAR Lease Agreement and Lines 66-83 are where we have to put in the amounts. In ZipForms those areas would automatically calculate, but they do not in Forms. So we have to go in and manually do the math for Lines 81 and 83 to make sure everything is correct. In addition, it would be nice to have line 66-78 as numerical AND writable. The reason being is when writing a Lease Renewal we will put "on file" on certain Lines (69-78) since we are not charging them a new Pet Cleaning Fee, but want to notate it has been paid already. 

    I personally do not complete the Security Deposit Disposition, but was told that it would also be helpful to have the option of numbers or letters since some of the fields are Not Applicable.

    We are just finding that Skyslope Forms is not Property Management friendly in the slightest. Some forms in the library are outdated, and others do not even have fillable fields (such as the Mutual Cancellation of Property Management Agreement), and the Lead Based Paint Disclosure does not have the option of checking either box, so we have to manually add those checkboxes when preparing the document for signatures. 

    I have already emailed a lot of complaints over to the Skyslope Team. 

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