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    Hi Marcia,

    Thank you for the suggestion. Quick follow-up question for you - what are the types of documents that typically go over the file size limit? Are they disclosure packages? A combination of multiple forms? Something else?

    Also, there are a few places where you can attach files - where in the system are you when the attachment is too large?

    Looking forward to hearing back - thank you!

    - Megan Lutes, Product Manager

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    Hi Marcia!

    Kylee from the Product team at SkySlope. I have great news! Agents, TCs, and Auditors will now be able to upload files as large as 100MB.

    (Please note: users will be able to upload documents as large as 100MB, but will not be able to send emails larger than 25MB. This is to prevent outgoing messages from bouncing, since most email clients do not accept incoming messages larger than 25MB.)

    Happy SkySloping!

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