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Mass Migration of documents




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    Prod Squad

    Hi Jerry, 

    We hope all is well. My name is Gabby and I am part of our Product Team here. Thank you for your suggestion! You are able to mass download your documents from your "Access Archives" area. Here is a link from our support page showing how: Once you have downloaded your files, you are able to upload them or email them into SkySlope. We will monitor this suggestion for upvotes!

    Happy SkySloping! 

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    Jerry F. Regan
    Thank you for your suggestion.  I want to avoid downloading to my computer. My memory is very close to being full and I'm trying to eek it along since my computer doesn't have an easy way to add more memory according to the technician who fixed it when it stopped working.....
    I store things in online email and on SkySlope as much as possible. 
    And, more importantly, I don't want all the checklist files and I don't want all the files. I only want the HOA docs. I'd have to unzip (Oh horrors!) the files and find the ones I want to upload. Or upload them all and do that horrible delete thing where you have to write a reason for each delete! (I just did a whole slew of those because there was a glitch that sent the same batch of docs twice.)  
    I don't put things in the trash that I'll never want again because I want to be able to easily find the things that were accidently trashed. 
    I think it's easier to resend the many original email messages that contain the documents. Although they have so many attachments they are really glitchy.
    Argh! There's rarely an easy way. 
    But, thank you so much for getting back to me so quickly with a suggestion. (And it explains why the support person I talked to said there is no way to do what I want to do. I girl can dream! :) )
    You have a great rest of the day.
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