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    Prod Squad

    Hi Maria,

    Ryan from the Product Team here at SkySlope.

    Our goal with Quick Audit & Docs to Review was to streamline your process so that you don't need to look at documents that you've already seen before. To avoid it becoming overwhelming, documents that you've already seen no longer appear in that view. However, of course, you can find those files in Listing or Transaction areas.

    When documents are marked Incomplete, and the agent is updated, ideally the agent is correcting those documents as they are come back to them. So if they missed a signature on a document, they could correct it with a new one for your review.

    If the document is still incomplete at closing, you can always proceed and close the transaction, regardless of the document status. There we suggest sorting by Closing Date on transactions, and then closing out the files that are indeed closed and leaving them in Waiting to be Archived if the agents are missing documentation.

    If that documentation isn't critical, feel free to either simply close the file and archive it, or to unreject the document and then accept it. We know everyone loves the color green and we do too!

    Hope this helps a bit with the process. Your Customer Success Manager may also have some best practices and tips that may help!

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    Maria Alford

    Currently, only PENDING docs will show up in our Documents to Review page. If I reject a document, it turns the status to INCOMPLETE but it won't show up on my Document to Review page so I will forget that I am still waiting on a form to be completed. Often, agents will ignore this and go to closing without having to get that particular document corrected or completed so we admins won't know until the file already closed and we have to change status from INCOMPLETE to NOT REQUIRED. My current workaround on this is to leave one document in PENDING status just to keep it in my list for Documents to Review but I would rather it show properly in my list as such.

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