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Font size adjustability in Digisign with the "Read Only" & "Writable" boxes




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    Prod Squad

    Hi Nate,

    Eric, one of the Product Manager's at SkySlope, here! Thanks for taking the time to submit this request. Tell me more about why you would like to adjust the font size for read-only and writeable boxes? Under what situations does this come up for you today? Are you looking to increase, decrease, or both depending on the situation?

    We're currently at work on an update to DigiSign that includes an auto-adjusting font size based on the size of the field and the amount of text entered by you or the signer. Happy to give you a demo if that's something you would like to do. Just say the word I can work with your account manager to set some time aside for us to chat. :)


    Eric M., Product Manager

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    Nathan Jones

    Hi Eric,,

    Thanks for the response.

    If you send me an email address I can respond to, I'll send you a form, used frequently, for you to fill in. You'll see why font size adjustment is a necessary feature. I'm looking to increase the size of the font.

    Yes, please send the demo.

    You can call me anytime: (512) 636-2864

    Nate Jones

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