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    Prod Squad

    Hi Scott, 

    My name is Gabby and I am part of our Product Team at SkySlope. Thank you for your suggestion! We are releasing Forms to Arizona soon but in the meantime, does your team use working docs? With Working Docs, you are able to create folders that could mimic a file. For example, let's say we're working with a property called 123 K Street. You could create a folder within working docs and title it "123 K Street." You can have your team email documents into your working docs area by using the email found under: my account then personal information. The email will be located in the upper right hand corner. When your team emails in documents, they will be uploaded to your working docs area under "personal docs." From there, you can add the documents you need into your 123 K Street folder. Once your agent has created a file in SkySlope, you can email any documents they need from the working docs area. If you have additional questions about working docs, please reach out to our Support Team.

    Happy SkySloping! 

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