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Listing Report, Pending Report, Closed in Skyslope Report - need to show co-agents



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    Prod Squad

    Hey W Real Estate,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. I understand the request and will monitor this post for up-votes for consideration! This seems like an easy fix. In the meantime, our Master Data Report will include all of this information and once you download the report you can sort it as you need! Here is a link to the tutorial page about our Reports today and here is all the Master Data report includes:

    Admin Reporting - SkySlope Tutorial 

    Master Data Report - Office Name, Status, Type of Sale (Listing Sold, Sale Only, Both Listing & Sale, Referral/Other), Checklist Type ("Type of Property"), MLS#, MLS Status (if selected), APN (if entered), File ID (if entered), Escrow #, Address, Year Built, Date Entered, List Date, Expiration Date, Acceptance Date, Scheduled Close Date, Actual Close Date (if closed), List Price, Sale Price, Listing Commission, Sale Commission, Other Deductions, Office Gross Commission, Main Agent, Other Agent, Seller(s), Buyer(s), Lender, Title Company, Escrow, Attorney, Home Warranty, Misc Contacts, Referring Agent, Transaction, Deposit Amount, Installment Plan, Addtl. Commission Breakdown, Source, Transaction ID, Listing ID, Office Lead


    Thanks for your time,

    Jessey, SkySlope Product Manager 

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