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  • Prod Squad
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    Hi everyone,

    You asked and we listened!

    As of November 18, we've rolled out this feature to all users. Now you can download all documents in a bundle with the click of a button:


    We hope you enjoy this feature, and would love to hear how it's helped you and how you think it could be better.


    Carlo, Product Manager

  • Karen Haley
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    This would be FANTASTIC for my agents!!!

  • Andrea Cannedy
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    This would be incredibly helpful as agents and clients are so frustrated.

  • Trang Ngo
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    I agreed with 100%.  

  • Nile Llona
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    This would be a great feature for our agents and their clients. 

  • Prod Squad
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    Thanks for your feedback!

    We understand how this feature would save time.

    Can you help us answer a few questions:

    1. Which people would use this feature the most? Agents? Clients? Auditors?
    2. What are some of the ways that people use the files after they've downloaded them?

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

  • Joey Samaniego
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    Hi Carlo,

    1. Both agents and clients request it the most, but even auditors can find it frustrating.

    2. I believe for the most part they will be sitting in their records, but finding and sharing a single document is SO much easier than the current process of having to download individually. Especially when there are dozens of documents in a single transaction.

    I would say that this is Skyslope's worst feature. Please look into a solution as it's honestly embarrassing to our agents and clients.


  • Katie Messina
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  • Phil Rodriguez
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    Yes, Yes, Yes!

  • Violet Klaas
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    Absolutely- the Download All button will be a game changer for all parties involved.  The sooner the better.  Thank you.

  • Michelle Johnson
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    Yes please! Efficient productivity is vital to our customers. Thx.

  • Gilda Garcia
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    Yes please! Efficient productivity is the way we work! Thank you.


  • Diane Fortakoff
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    Yes please.  Our agents and clients find it so frustrating when they can't download all of the documents at the same time and have to do it one by one.  Please add this feature.

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