Congratulations, all parties have signed!


  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Charley,


    Eric, Product Manager for DigiSign, here! Thanks for taking the time to submit this feedback. I hear you loud and clear. I can see how this might create some confusion for your clients. We're working on updating DigiSign, which includes updates to the email design and copy. In that, we'll be dropping the "congratulatory" language in the update. We will have more updates once we get closer to launch. Stay tuned!


    Eric M., Product Manager

  • Erin Nyhan
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    Hi Eric,


    I can see that you did not remove the "Congratulations" from your email because my clients received it last night while we were in the middle of some very important negotiations with the seller. The confusion this caused created such an emotional mess for me, the agent. I am calling for all Berkshire Hathaway TCs to not use Digisign because of this flaw.  There is no reason for my clients to receive the email that all parties have signed. They don't even know who "all parties" are the email should come to me not them.  I'm pissed.A year ago this was brought to your attention. 

  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Erin,

    Kylee from the Product team at SkySlope. Thank you for reaching out! I will follow up with you directly via email with some more information.

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