• Tyler Smith
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    Hi - Tyler Smith, CEO of SkySlope here. Great news, this was released on Monday, April 27 to select users for final testing. In the next couple of weeks, all users will see this new feature available. 


    Users searching for files in search will have entirely new functionality:

    • Search algorithm has been improved to increase the accuracy of results
    • New filter based on file Type (Listing or Transaction)
    • New filter based on file Status (Active, Pending, Archived, Cancelled, Expired, Incomplete, or Closed)

    Here is a preview: 

    Happy to answer any further questions. 



  • Jen Cruikshank
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    Agree. We come across this frequently with commercial listings/transactions. Building for sale but also available for rent.

  • Barbara Goldstein
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    So can anything be done about it? 

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