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Allow a numerical character to be typed in TRANSACTION COORDINATOR NAME field, please!




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    Prod Squad

    Hey Juli,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide this feedback. Since your TC has a unique name, you can always use the Additional Commission Information section to write out her legal name and the amount she is owed so that it will transfer to Title correctly. Since our current Transaction Coordinator fields only allows letters, another workaround is to write out  "five" or "the fifth" in that field so her name appears correctly, but I am not sure how her same legally need to appear so the best solution is to use the Additional Commission Information section at this time. I hope this helps in the meantime while we consider this request!



    Jessey, SkySlope Product Manager 


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    Juli Jacobson

    Jessey, thank you! I may be the only one with this problem but I appreciate you Presenting it to be considered!

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