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    Hi everyone,

    You asked and we listened!

    In October, we've rolled out this feature to all users. Now you can close a transaction from any tab on a file:

    *We've replaced the phrase "Escrow Now Closed" with "Close Transaction" since this is more broadly understood

    We hope you enjoy this feature, and would love to hear how it's helped you and how you think it could be better.


    Carlo, Product Manager

  • Prod Squad
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    Jessey, Product Manager here at SkySlope, thank you for your suggestion! I understand the issue and we will be monitoring the forum for yes/up-votes on this topic.

  • Jessica R. Range
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    I agree with this also! Would be easier/quicker than having to back to the first tab

  • Pierre Anderson - Transactions
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    i also agree with this measure would be a great time saver!!

  • Karen Haley
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    I agree.  Would love to see this implemented!

  • Tina Gregory
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    That would be great - YES for me

  • Tatiana Ruiz
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    Yes I agree

  • Andrea Cannedy
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    I agree this would would be a great time saver!

  • Michelle Johnson
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    YES-would would be a great time saver

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