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Task list enhancements needed!



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    Prod Squad

    Thanks for the feedback, Christine and Danna!

    We understand that there are power users of Tasks and Reminders, and how these improvements would help your workflow. We'll keep monitoring this request for upvotes and additional feedback.

    Thanks again,


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    Danna Gibson

    This also reinforces the need for to a request I've made in another thread (BUSINESS DAYS). There needs to be the option for Business Days when entering a task or reminder. Without it, every task due date that's dependent on a previous task has to be manually calculated to avoid a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday due date.

    Example: If a Sales Agreement specifies the buyer has 5 days following receipt of a Prelim to call out issues, Prelim Title Approval Due Date should be 5 Business Days following the buyer's receipt. Currently if I set the Preliminary Title due date on a Wednesday, SS erroneously identifies the Buyer's Prelim Approval due date as Sunday. 

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