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    Hey Norman,

    Thanks for taking the time to provide us with this feedback. Currently, the Co-Agent feature in SkySlope shares the entire property file with your co-agent. We don't currently have the ability to share files outside of your brokerage, but you are able to note the details of the co-agent in the Contact Tab of your property file. In this situation, would you want the co-agent of another brokerage to have access to your file and documents to make changes, or would you prefer it to be read-only for them? I look forward to hearing back from you to better understand you need with this request!



    Jessey C. - SkySlope PM 

  • Norman Armstrong
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    That makes sense.

    Is it possible to have a checkbox option when entering a co-list agent

    Allow access (if in same Brokerage)

    don't allow access (if outside Brokerage)

    This way if they are outside of our brokerage we can email necessary docs rather than they have access but we can still identify them as a Co-listing agent. This way when we pay a referral we have compliance checklist we create such as W9, referral form, etc...

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you

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