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    Jessey, Product Manager here at SkySlope, thank you for your suggestion! I understand the issue and we will be monitoring the forum for yes/up-votes on this topic.

  • Danna Gibson
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    Absolutely!!! Without this option, just about every contractually required deliverable has to be manually calculated! Business days (including federal holidays) is a basic requirement. 

  • Andrea Hodney
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    New user here - is this an option yet?  Why wouldn't have been an option when this platform was created?  Seems like a no-brainer.  

  • Sheree Garner
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    I see this is an older post, but since I'm new here...

    YES, being able to create a reminder based on a business day is a must. Without it, I've found the Task List reminders to be pretty much useless. I agree with Danna Gibson above, it would be nice to not have to manually calculate each reminder on a task list that is assigned.

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