DigiSign: Add Brokerage & Property Address Fields

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    Hi Tyrone,


    Thank you for the request. We're working on a new version of DigiSign and I will add this to our list of features for consideration. I want to make sure I get as much info about this as possible, so I have a couple of follow-up questions:


    1. In DigiSign, today, when you create an envelope, you have the option to select a property or "no property." If you were to choose "no property" would you expect the property address block to be hidden when you get to the point of adding blocks to your documents?
    2. What detail would you expect with the "brokerage name" block? Just the name of the brokerage spelled out? A logo? Information for a specific brokerage office/location?


    Eric M.

    DigiSign, Product Manager

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