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    Thanks for your feedback, Shaun!

    My guess is that we have a job that runs once-daily and updates your calendar. I can see why this not syncing immediately might be frustrating.

    I have a few questions I'm hoping you can answer:

    • Can you elaborate on why the current sync functionality is a dealbreaker? Is it that you don't know if the task will appear / if the syncing has happened? Or that you have urgent tasks that you need to be aware of immediately?
    • Are you currently using this functionality? If not, is this syncing the only reason why you are not?
    • Would solving this problem change how you use Tasks and Reminders?

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

  • Shaun Ramos
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    Hey Carlo, the reason I'd want to use the feature is so that when I bring on the transaction coordinator, we would always be on the same page as far as my calendar went.  I can see where taking a day for a task to show up on my calendar could cause scheduling issues.  My main worry is that is something is entered in the system, but doesn't show up on my calendar yet that I could accidentally schedule other things that conflict and won't catch it until the sync finally happens.  

    I'm not currently using the feature because of this.  I've just continued to enter things directly in my Google Calendar to avoid any confusion.  

    I like the idea of using the tasks and reminders within SkySlope, but only if it instantly synced to my calendar.  

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