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    Thanks for your feedback, Kylie and Ash!

    We understand how valuable it would be to see which TC is working on a file. We are actively thinking about how teams work together in SkySlope.

    To help us better understand your request, can you please answer a few  questions:

    • Where do TCs currently get captured on a file?
    • Why is it valuable for your brokerage  to see which TC is working on a file?
    • How do TCs currently get access to a file?
    • For your brokerage, who creates files in SkySlope? Agents or TCs?
    • How does your brokerage assign TCs to a given file? Does the agent assign the TC?
    • When does this assignment happen? Does the person creating the file already know which TC will work that file?
    • How important is it that this appear in the Transaction Summary?

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

  • Ash Barber
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    Speaking as part of a TC team, our team would also love to see this implemented to easily tell who has claimed the file.

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