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    Prod Squad

    Thanks for your feedback, Travis and Meg!

    Can you tell me if I've captured your requests correctly, or if any requests are missing:

    Task templates

    1. Allow users to copy templates
    2. Allow users to drag and drop tasks (as tasks are added, should they appear on bottom or top?)


    1. "Property Tasks" should be ordered by closing date
    2. Show tasks as completed instead of removing entirely

    Travis, can you also please elaborate on, "On the checklist page put a spot for Agent Representing Other Side..."

    Thanks again!

    Carlo, Product Manager

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    Meg Szanajda

    I have been asking for updates for a very long time in templates...daily reporting should be in the order the deal closes..settlement date.  So when we look at our daily to do list the deals closing first get top priority and then we work to the next in line....when the task was added or when the transaction is input does not hold any weight.


    Copying of task templates -PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE work on this -- we can't reorder and as stated above new tasks get sent to the bottom of the page instead of where we may want to see  them.


    Along with this when you want to mark a task done (or remove it because it doesn't apply but b/c you can't easily copy templates you stick with your all encompassing list) you should mark the box and then have a delete feature so you can review it better.  More along the lines of when you are email docs to title for support you get to select the documents from your document list. 


    PLEASE work on these items

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