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Add templates to emails sent out from property files



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Thanks for the feedback, Miguel!

    A few follow-up questions:

    • How often do you email from SkySlope currently? Do you use the Office Inbox functionality?
    • What are some examples of emails you would want a template for? Who are the most likely recipients?
    • Where in the SkySlope app do you see these templates living?

    Thanks again!

    Carlo, Product Manager

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    Ash Barber

    Hi there, I wasn't the agent in question who reached out to Miguel, but just found this thread but I know our team would love to see this implemented.

    We would like to have the ability to create message templates when sending out emails from the file in the "Documents" tab. If this email setup could include a dropdown of our available email templates (shared and personal), that would be perfect.

    Some example uses for us are sending a CDA to our agents for their approval, and sending that CDA to the escrow officer on the transaction. From past use of SkySlope in different teams, I've also sent emails from the documents tab to provide documents for other parties to review, or to request follow up on something within the documents. (Sending a transaction checklist, as can be done with "Update Agent", is only appropriate for some forms of communication we would like to use this platform for, not all.)

    I would like to see shared templates we create available in admin settings (similar to checklists), but also allow users to create their own (unshared) templates that are accessible as a tab in "My Account" for each user.

    We want this accessible in the files themselves (from the Documents tab as stated) and would not use the Office Inbox for this kind of feature.

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