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Notification when a checklist item is uploaded.


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    Hey Johnathon! 

    You can utilize the flag feature for that specific checklist item if you need to notify the agent and the Inbox Update if your admin team needs to be alerted when this document is uploaded to the checklist. I've explained the two features below and included a link to the tutorial page below to help you enable this.

    What does it mean Flag a Checklist item?
    If you check the box of a Checklist item to Flag it, you are essentially marking the item as important. The purpose of this feature is to remind an agent of the importance of uploading that particular document. When an agent creates a file and selects a Checklist for that item that has Flagged Checklist items, the agent will receive an email daily reminding them to upload that item, and the emails will continue until the item is uploaded.

    Why should I Flag a Checklist item?
    In some states, there are certain documents that must be uploaded in a timely fashion. Whether it's a legal requirement, or just a necessity to get things processed quickly, it's always handy to mark a Checklist item as Flagged. This is a great way to remind agents that certain documents must be uploaded promptly after the file is created. The sooner the agent uploads the document, the sooner it can be reviewed by an auditor, and the transaction can move forward soundly. 

    Can I change how frequently the Flagged Doc reminder is sent to my agent?
    Yes! The frequency of these email reminders can be controlled from within the Notifications section of the broker account. The broker can dictate the number of days after the file is created to have the first email sent, as well as the number of days between each notification sent thereafter. For example: "Email agents to upload Flagged Docs   2   days after the file is created, and keep emailing every   2    days until the docs are uploaded."
    To access these settings, log into the Broker account > Click on name in upper right > My Account > Notification > Company-wide Notifications.


    What does it mean to mark a Checklist item for Inbox Update?
    If you check the box for Inbox Update for a Checklist item, this is essentially a way to take all of a particular type of document and funnel them into one place once they are open. For example, if you turn on Inbox Update for the Purchase Agreement, every time an agent uploads a Purchase Agreement to the Checklist, a copy of the document will be uploaded to the Office Inbox section of Working Docs.




    Jessey, SkySlope PM

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