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    Prod Squad

    Thanks for the feedback, Iris!

    We understand how this could be frustrating and not a great experience. A few followup questions for you:

    • Besides fixing the last name voiding the search, what else would be helpful?
    • Right now, we are showing the top 10 results. How many results do you think should be shown?
    • What information do you want to see besides name (e.g., email, company, phone)?
    • How often do you use the same contact across different files?
    • Should you see the most recently used contacts first?
    • Are there any types of contacts that should not appear in the search?

    Thanks again!
    Carlo, Product Manager

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    Jen Cruikshank

    I think first and last name are important in the search parameters and no limit. We should be able to scroll down the list as needed. I also think the company name would be beneficial in case you run in to a common name.

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    Ash Barber

    I would dearly love to be able to search by typing in both the first and last name - currently our search fields appear to include first or last, but not both. If we have an incredibly long list of contacts and I'm looking for someone with both a common first AND last name, they may not appear in the first ten listed for either of these. As Iris has noted, "As soon as you start to type a last name, all contacts are gone." Fixing this so that a contact can be searched by their full name (as well as just first or just last) would be hugely beneficial.

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