Delete documents in templates and duplicate templates


  • Prod Squad
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    Hey Kath,

    Thank you so much for the feedback. These are great suggestions. 
    Just a few questions to better understand how you use templates in DigiSign, this will help us make sure we are building the right solutions for you.

    1. Are there common documents that you are using templates for today in DigiSign?
    2. Once you have created a template how often are you editing or adjusting that template and why are you making those edits?
    3. Can you tell us about a time where the document in an existing template made working with that template difficult?
    4. Once you have duplicated a template, what would you do to the new template to make it different from the original? 
  • Korrina Junge
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    I would love it if we could duplicate a template, edit it, then rename it something use the template for Seller Accepts, copy it, change it to Seller Counters, and save it as that instead of having to create each template from scratch.  

    Also, forms change every year.  It would be nice to use the majority of the fields that were dropped on last year's forms, copy it, make a few edits, and save it to match this year's forms instead of redoing each form.  This would be a huge time-saver for us!

    When is Digisign 2.0 coming out? 

  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Korrina!


    We're hard at work on the update to DigiSign. No dates for a release yet, but as soon as we know, we'll be sure to communicate it. Thank you for these suggestions. I'll be adding these to our list for consideration.

    Couple of follow-up questions:

    1. Using your 1st scenario from above, are the documents used in the Seller Accepts and Seller Counters templates exactly the same, but just different signers?
    2. In your 2nd scenario, regarding forms changing every year, do you need to maintain the older version of the template for any reason? Or rather, when a form gets updated, do you continue to use older versions of the form for any particular reason? If so, why?


    Eric M.

    DigiSign Product Manager

  • Korrina Junge
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    Hi Eric,


    Thanks for the response.  In the first scenario, the documents are exactly the same, just fields need to be dropped on different lines to counter the offer rather than accept.  I get that the templates can be edited once applied, which is what I've tried to convey to agents in my brokerage.  It would just be easier if there was a template set up for each scenario - seller accepts, seller rejects, seller counters, where there isn't any need for editing.  11 out of the 12 pages of the contract would be the same on all of the templates.  If I could copy the seller accepts template, edit the fields to show as seller counters instead of accept, and save it then as seller counters, that would save me all of the time of having to make each template from scratch.  We have multiple types of sales agreements - one for residential properties, one for condos, one for vacant land, one for commercial and one for manufactured homes without land and I have to make each template from scratch with 3 different seller scenarios.  It's ridiculous and a huge waste of time if the template could just be duplicated.  

    In response to question 2, no I deleted all of the previous templates from last year as they don't match up with the contracts this year.  We cannot use old paperwork so there is no point in keeping old templates.  But it would be nice if there was an option to update those....maybe I could have....hmmm.....





  • Prod Squad
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    Excellent! Thank you for taking the time to give us this feedback, Korrina!




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