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Increase file size from 25MB for company documents



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    Prod Squad

    Hey Melissa,

    Most email servers and other websites only allow 25 MB documents which are why our server has this limit. What size limit would you like it to be increased to? Are you uploading zip files or bundles of documents? If so, do you split them after they are uploaded? I look forward to hearing back from you on your workflow and this pain point you are facing. 




    APM of SkySlope

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    Dawn Lofthus

    I would be nice to have a higher size limit. I am finding that agents who do work from home can't get their docs/packets in SkySlope and then I have to have them scan them to me so I am adding several steps per transaction.

    Most home scanners are set to a higher def and agents don't like messing with their printers to change the settings. Even a 32pp packet can be rejected.

    ALSO...when the agents scan the docs to the SkySlope file via email, they are not getting any type of alert that their docs didn't go in. They assume all is well until settlement and they can't get their checks immediately since their paperwork is missing.

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    Prod Squad

    Thanks for your additional feedback, Dawn!

    We understand how not having an alert could be confusing for users. We'll definitely take this small feature into consideration.

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

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