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    Prod Squad

    Hey Cory and Andrea,

    Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts, this is some rich feedback.

    I have a few questions I want to ask to get a better understanding of what you're trying to accomplish.

    1. What actions do you take as the Due Diligence date approaches? What do you do if it is 7 days away? What about 3 days away? What if it is 1 day way?  
    2. Who takes these actions as the Due Diligence date approaches? 
    3. What happens to the deal if the Due Diligence date is missed? 
    4. Can the Due Diligence date be extended after the contract has been signed? If so how often have you seen this happen?
    5. How do you currently make sure the Due Diligence date is not missed?
    6. What other "events" do you feel should be added to Tasks & Reminders?


    John, UX Designer

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    Andrea Morris

    I absolutely agree! 

    We have started using task list as well. Many of our very important tasks revolve around the due diligence date. I have 10+ task for a transaction that I can not date properly in relation to our transactions important dates... yes i could assign it a random date, but its a work around that's not accurate. An extra step where I have to go in and set for EACH individual task in EVERY Transaction... We currently have 16 properties u/c and that's just one agent.... not our entire office... how much of my time is it consuming to use your features and "work around them"  hand entering dates for close to 200 individual tasks when a simple addition of a non required date in the transaction details could save me soooooo much time

    This system is supposed to help manage and streamline and in this case its doing the exact opposite with the current limited available options. I get not every state has a due diligence period, but for those states that do like ours (were also in North Carolina), it is an EXTREMELY IMPORTANT date. Having it available to fill in but maybe not making it a required field would allow those who do want to use it to have it available so we can use it on task lists.



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    Dawne Anderson

    I agree as well. I think that a simple way to do it would be to have one of the "select event" options in the dropdown to be "specific date" - As an example, you can create a reminder for the "Due Diligence Deadline" as the name, select "specific date" from the dropdown list, choose your date, set it to remind you 2 days before the event, save. 

    Then it would email you two days before your due diligence deadline. (or whatever the deadline is that you're setting for the file). 


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    Danna Gibson

    This also reinforces the need for to a request I've made in another thread (BUSINESS DAYS). There needs to be the option for Business Days when entering a task or reminder. Without it, every task due date that's dependent on a previous task has to be manually calculated to avoid a Saturday, Sunday or federal holiday due date.

    Example: If a Sales Agreement specifies the buyer has 5 days following receipt of a Prelim to call out issues, Prelim Title Approval Due Date should be 5 Business Days following the buyer's receipt. Currently if I set the Preliminary Title due date on a Wednesday, SS erroneously identifies the Buyer's Prelim Approval due date as Sunday. 

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