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New Commission Breakdown Box



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hi Pam,

    What are some of the ways you use the transaction summary? We're glad you're finding it useful! Would you expect only the latest comment to appear or the entire history?

    We're looking at the notes now and sharing how you use it will help us improve. 


    Ryan, SkySlope Product Manager

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    Samantha Edwards

    I would find it extremely helpful if it would print the entire summary.  Also show the $ amount along with the % to listing and selling commission.  Thanks! 

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    Pam Thompson

    Hi Ryan, 

    Our agents take a copy of the transaction summary to their closings (in case internet is unavailable to access their SS app). The commission section provides important details when discrepancies occur with commission checks, etc. Therefore, we need the entire history to print, please. 

    Are agents are also required to attach their earnest money checks to a transaction summary when turning in to our office. This shows us they have the file completed in Skyslope plus gives us required information when electronically depositing the checks. We keep the earnest check stapled to the summary on file for 3 months for banking purposes. 

    Sorry it took awhile to respond back to you! I appreciate your follow up on my request. Thanks!


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