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Commission Percentages



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hi Stina,

    I tested this out and it does seem commission percantages round after the 3rd decimal so 3.125 would round to 3.13. 

    Are you referring to that 3rd decimal value, or are you finding a different issue? Let us know where you're finding this challenge so that we can take a look! We agree that percentages shouldn't be rounding, but want to make sure we address the specific issue you're referring to!



    Ryan, SkySlope Product Manager

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    Samantha Edwards

    I also noticed this.  However, what that is the case, I manually enter the $ amount instead of the % and make a note in the note box. 

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    Pam Thompson

    We do the same...manually enter the $ amount and make notes in the box. That's why the entire history of the note box needs to print out on the transaction summary :)


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