• Jeffrey Sibbach
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    Please allow agents to run their own Master Data Reports. We have 614 transactions over the last 9 months and it would very helpful to be able to export the data ourselves without burdening our broker every time we need it. 

  • Brandon Vaccaro
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    This would be awesome. Please!!

  • Kristi Culhane
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    This would be helpful!

  • Sarah Onofryton
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    Allowing agents to pull Master Data reports would save time for multiple parties as well as allow agents to see the data they are entering in an easier format. Please, please, please create an option for individual agents to run reports .
    Sarah Onofryton

  • Clay Bridgewater
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    Yes please let us pull Master Data reports.  Saves time and allows us to view data in an easier format.  If an agent does not want to use this, they don't have to.  Great report to be able to run.

  • QA Multi Office
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    Hi, thanks so much for providing this feedback. We've in the process of gathering as much feedback as possible concerning reporting needs. Would you be interested in sharing more information about the specific questions you might be trying to answer with these reports? Also, would agents need to see reports displaying only the deals in which they are participating? 

  • Clay Bridgewater
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    I would want to see everything in a transaction when my name is attached.  That would help me to find out where we are and what needs to be done. 

    I would like to be able to upload into a transaction that has my name attached to it in skyslope if possible.  

    I would not want the other agent to see my side of the transaction if they are using skyslope although the other side should have a different case number in skyslope.

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