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    Hey Kristine

    Thank you for clarifying. This is a great suggestion. I appreciate you taking the time to provide feedback on the Log tab and provide your current workflow.  I will monitor this suggestion for how many upvotes it receives! 


    Jessey, SkySlope PM 

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    Hey Kristine,

    Thank you for taking the time to provide us this feedback. I have a few questions to better understand your request. When you navigate to the log do you click on individual log items, then click back to log OR do you scan the log to find the items you need? When you are in this section what are you trying to accomplish? I look forward to hearing back from you to better understand your use case in this section



    -Jessey, SkySlope PM

  • Kristine Weidner
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    Yes, click on the item, then back to log and it takes me to the top of teh page again and i have to find where i left off each time. 

    I sometimes us the back button on the browser but that doesn't always work. 

    Searching the log often does not return results and is very inconsistent.   

    I'm usually trying to see the history of emails and find something specifically that a client asked or answered so i can copy and past it etc to provide to a title company, other agent etc.  

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