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Adding a Co-Agent



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hey Robert!

    Thanks for taking the time to provide us feedback. By design, you will first need to click the ADD button to the right of the Co-Agent field. Then you will be able to type the first few letter of their name, then the database will search for a match and you can select the agents name from the dropdown that appears. Then click Save to add the changes.

    In the point you bring up, you would prefer to search for the name and have the add button act as a save button, is that correct?


    -Jessey, SkySlope PM

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    Robert Duncan

    Hey Jessey, 

    Taylor Grossman and I spoke about this on our weekly call last week and I gave her some feedback from a User Experience standpoint. 

    I pointed out that maybe the "Add" button should be blue by default so that agents know they need to click on that first. Right now it seems like the "Add" button is not active until you have a name in the box. I also suggested that when you click in the search box that the option to search there be disabled as well so that it doesn't seem like you can search for an agent before clicking the "Add Button". 

    Thank you!

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