Agent Notification on rejected forms


  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Carrie!

    Thanks for leaving us this feedback. When you reject a document, and leave a comment as to why the comment will display for the agent to see when they go to the checklist. As far as notifications, the best way to notified your agent of any changes made to the checklist is to click the Update Agent button which will provide them a overview of whats left in the checklist to complete. Are you utilizing this feature? And if not, are you sending a separate email in a different system ? I look forward to hearing back from you to further understand your pain-points with this feature.


    - Jessey, SkySlope PM

  • Carrie Greene
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    Yes, I am using the update agent. I just though It would be nice for the agent to receive notification & save a little time in the process to making the note with the document & then sending an email as well from the system.


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