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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hey Amber!

    This is Jessey from the Product team. Thank you for your feedback. I have a few questions to better understand your request. 

    When you are referring to PDFs coming back as separate PDFs does that mean you sending multiple documents out for signature in one DigiSign Envelope? OR Are you asking that each PDF within your DigiSign envelope comes back automatically separated as attachments in the All Signed email?

    I look forward to hearing back from you! 

    Jessey | Associate Product Manager 

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    Jackie Juarez

    I'm with Amber. When we send separate docs to get signed via DigiSign, once they are signed and returned it is all 1 big attachment as opposed to separate ones the way they were sent.

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    Amber Nicoletti

    I'm sorry, I never saw this response from Jessey!!

    I was referring to each PDF within your DigiSign envelope coming back automatically separated as attachments in the All Signed email. We upload them separately but then receive them all back as one big file. It would be nice to have the option for them them come back individually as well.

    Also, the option to have them returned as PDF attachments in the All Signed Email instead of a link we have to click and follow. I find it a bit difficult when other agents forward me the All Signed Link and then I have to go in myself and download the document so I can forward that to my clients. We live in an area where there is A LOT of retired clients that just don't use technology like we do so I have to go the extra step to make it easy for them. Many times I'm using my phone outside the office but can't just forward an email to my client. I have to wait until I'm at my computer, download the document that's been Digi-signed and then forward that on. If they came to us already as PDF attachments, we would be able to just forward that email and one (a few) less steps. 

    Thanks for responding!!

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    Dev Broker

    Hi Amber,

    Thanks for the feedback! These are all very good suggestions and I can definitely add these to consideration for the new version of DigiSign.


    Eric M.

    DigiSign | Product Manager

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