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larger files please for uploading


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    Cassandra Maas

    Seriously? This request came in over ten months ago and still hasn't been addressed?

    This is so important. It isn't easy to struggle to upload a document and have it rejected because of the size. My disclosures run to as many as 200 pages. I want to drop them into the copier, scan them to email, and then split them in skyslope. Instead, I have to go to my Mac, open the doc in Preview try to copy and paste into new documents only to find there is an issue there. So then I decided to upload the document into and split it there.


    If they can let us upload a large file, you should be able to do the same. This is not a feature, this is a requirement. We NEED to be able to upload larger files. You are making our work unnecessarily difficult. Please change this. It's likely a simple variable that can be modified in about two seconds. We don't need to suffer through this anymore.

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