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    Samantha Edwards

    I LOVE this idea!! "when an uploaded doc is assigned, is it possible for it to rename the doc to reflect in the documents list instead of the name it was uploaded under...for instance, a scan gets uploaded as a bunch of numbers and letters and when you select it to assign to be named a certain doc, it does not change the name of the doc in the document list."  

    It would be SUPER helpful, and save a bunch of time!! 

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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hey Nicole,

    This is Jessey with the Product team here at SkySlope. I have a few questions to ask to better understand your request.

    1. Are you emailing out of a transaction file documents tab in this example? If so, if you have entered this information of the person and their email in on the contacts tab of this property file - when you go to email, you can type the first 3 letters of their name and select them to autofill their email for you.

    2. Under Misc. Contact would you want the ability to click + Misc Contact, to continue to add multiple Misc Contacts? Is this your ideal workflow for this?

    3. Do you use the global search at the top ( magnify glass icon) to search for files in this example? Or go back to Manage Transactions, then search for the file?

    4. If we were to stray away from splitting documents by page numbers, what would be the ideal way the system would split documents in your mind?

    5. In this instance, are you Splitting and Assigning documents, or going to the documents tab, then assigning the document?

    6. Are you referring to two places for AVID in your checklist or another section of the property file?

    7. For emailing tasks, are you using the TASK tab of the property file? Or sending emails to specific people? Can you explain in more detail how you currently do this?

    8. When you use the split and assign feature, it will rename your document to the name of the checklist item. You are able to use the split and assign a feature to do this without splitting the document up. This may be an sufficient solution for this problem you are facing.

    I look forward to hearing back from you! 

    Jessey | Associate Product Manager 

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