• Prod Squad
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    Hi Justin,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion! Can you provide more details on what type of concession information is being requested by MLS's? Sellers covering closing costs? Cash back to the buyer? Reduced sales price? Concession of appliances? All the above? Any additional details would be helpful.

    -Buck, VP of Product

  • Debbie Brennan
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    some we see are repair credits, closing costs from seller, special commission reductions for whatever reason.      Our MLS only wants the $ amount.  I think just need a comments section to type in the reason.

  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for providing more details on this. I see you have another post on this as well. You could use the "Additional Commission Information" comment box on the Commissions Tab to capture that information. I know it is not specific to concessions but it is meant to capture additional details as needed.

    We will monitor this post for additional up-votes.


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