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Bring back features lost with the new Global Search function



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    Erin Van Curen

    We have experienced similar problems with the new Global Search Feature which has made auditing and assisting agents with files MUCH harder.

    • With about 950 agents, having all files populate as possible options that are remotely close to what is being typed in the search field makes it a very long list
    • Even typing in the exact address, the search function does not seem to "drop" the incorrect properties that don't completely match. This means there is usually a long list of closed, cancelled, archived and open files that you have to search through. 
    • The order in which the transactions pop up does not seem to have a particular order either. The files with tags "transaction", "pending". "archived" , etc all come up in different order. Many times the older archived or cancelled files pop up first which is often not what we need. It also recognizes small portions of the address such as the directional part. For example 123 E Main St would have listings and sales pop up that also have "E" for east in the name even though the address number and street name are different. 
    • Below are a couple of screen shots showing how long the list is and how varied the results are in the search field

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    Prod Squad

    Hi Admintm2 and Erin, 

    Yousef is here, Head of Product for the DTM product line. 

    Thank you for the detailed feedback; this is helpful. Our main reason to change the global search was to make your life easier in finding what you are looking for

    We already have some new enhancements coming your way to make the global search even better, including sorting results based on the status of the transaction. This is one of your suggestions and we think it makes perfect sense. 

    Here are some comments and questions for you to help me get a better understanding of how you are using the global search:


    • Search by Coop (Other Agent) name: How often do you use that? Is it a high priority for you? Do you memorize the Coop? Or do you have it saved somewhere and then you use it to search for the right record? 
    • No longer able to search by partial escrow number: our assumption was that you have to have the full escrow number to be able to search for it. Tell me a little more about how you use partial escrow number and how often is the case? Do you copy it from somewhere else (copy/past)? Or do you type it in (memorize it)? I'm trying to find the case when you have a partial escrow number and how would you use that in searching for the right property. 
    • File ID: Some clients are using this field differently, some are adding zeros in the File ID field, which made it really hard to search for something other than a perfect match to show a meaning full results. In the old global search, did you search for the building name only and you used to get accurate results? 


    • We are working on ordering the search results, this should improve the search based on what you suggested. 
    • I looked at your screenshots, very helpful by the way, It seems that the new global search is finding what you are looking for, but because it still matches other results, it is overwhelming or confusing? 
    • On my end, I will review the search results and evaluate if we can "drop" the incorrect properties when we have a perfect match, good idea. 

    Again, thank you both for taking the time to send us your valuable feedback, we are here for you, our mission is to make your life easier and faster. 


    Head of DTM Product



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