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Exporting Contacts



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hello Chris,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit a suggestion! As you mentioned, there isn't an easy option today to export the existing contacts. If we had an export function how would you expect to use that to manage contacts?

    I have my assumptions but would like to better understand your expectations. 


    -Buck, VP of Product at SkySlope

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    Dana Santerre

    I agree. It would be nice so agents could pull their contacts for the year and mail them Christmas cards, etc.

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    Jaci Tidmarsh

    I would love to be able to export my contacts info from SkySlope to my CRM. We already entered name address email phone number in SkySlope so to save the time from having to enter it in a CRM also would make life so much easier!! 

    I the official comment Buck asked how would you expect to use this feature. I add all my clients to Top Producer to be sure I am staying in contact with them. So ti not have to enter all the details again in TP would be great. The top items to export would be name 1, name 2, address, email, phone, close of escrow date. TP has a lot more fields but I think starting with the basics would work. Also if we could just have it export to an excel spreed sheet or CSV file most CRMs have the ability to import from those types of files. Thank you 

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    Randall DeLaMare

    The ability to export seems to be very common with most of the programs I have databases. I am helping another agent with their databases. Most of us have data in several places and trying to update each of them constantly can be overwhelming. Making us all less efficient. I'm sure it is not as easy as we would like to think but it seems to me a company that gathers our database information should be working with us to make some of these types of things available. I can upload my database to your system. the opposite should in my opinion be an important addition to a great platform.

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