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Typing Name of Document to Assign



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    ProdSquad (SkySlope Support)

    Hey Taylor,

    John here. Thank you so much for your feedback on the new assign; we are so grateful to hear that it's working for you.

    RE:1) That is a great piece of feedback, that I'll relay back to the team. These checklists can get lengthy so I see how scrolling through a long list can get tedious.

    RE:2) This is something me and the team debated a few times. Ultimately, we did decide to use the check method so you could assign multiple documents at once. But hearing your feedback we can start considering other ways to assign docs without having to scroll as much.

    In regards to the second question, how often do you assign multiple documents to one checklist item? And how many documents are you assigning to that single item?


    Thanks again,
    John - UX Designer.

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    Definitely agree with Taylor and would love the option to start typing the checklist item name vs. scrolling through all items. LOVE that the "still required' documents pop up first on the list, but it would definitely cut down on time if we were able to type the name in directly to the "Assign" dropdown.

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