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    Hey Gabe and Ryan,

    Thank you so much for expressing your interest in providing feedback for DigiSign. We have some time slots open for next if to connect for 30 mins to get your thoughts. You can click the link below to schedule a time to connect.

    Scheduled a Time

    Hope to hear from you soon,

    - John, UX Designer

  • Prod Squad
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    Hey Gabe, thanks so much for the feedback! We're in the process of rebuilding DigiSign from the ground up, and we are actively exploring how to best enhance the block placement functionality. Would you be willing to participate in a feedback session in the coming months when we'll be closer to testing?

    Thanks - Jason R. DigiSign PM

  • Gabe Grant
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    I would enjoy participating. Thanks

  • Prod Squad
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    Hey Gabe,

    Thanks again for your feedback. As we continue to work on DigiSign we will take that feedback into consideration and reach out to you when we need more details or feedback on improvements we are exploring.

    Thanks again - John, UX Designer

  • Ryan Means
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    I would love to participate in the feedback for DigiSign as well, I teach a variety of digital signature platforms, and believe I could be of use for that discussion.

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