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Adding Fields for Quick View in Transactions list


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    Prod Squad

    Hi Bob, 

    Yousef is here from the product team. 

    This is a great idea. I have a few questions for you: 

    1. Since we don't have those dates in SkySlope, are you suggesting we add them and make them mandatory? 

    2. If we do add them to SkySlope, would agents be okay with more fields to fill in? Wouldn't they think this might slow them down? 

    3. Are you and your agents, currently, using a different system to track these dates? If yes, could you please share with us what tool are you using and how? 

    4. If we add those dates, would you and your agent use SkySlope to track those dates going forward? Or are you still going to keep track of them somewhere else: an external tool, for example. 





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