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Checklist Management


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    Prod Squad

    Hi Joe! 

    Kris here from the SkySlope User Experience Team. Thanks for your feedback :) I have sent these notes to the Lead Product Manager. 

    A few follow-up questions for you: 

    • Would you say most offices are leveraging similar checklists (ie. most offices copy the same checklist from the master list into their own offices). I am trying to get a sense of scale for how often they are same vs. different?
    • Can you walk me through why you would deactivate a checklist for an individual office? Is it because you have an updated checklist for that same property type to be used? 
    • Can you provide a scenario for this to help me understand when you would reorder something? 

    Thanks again for your suggestions. Really appreciate it!

    Kris - Lead User Experience Designer

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