Nag Mode for Reminding Agents to Turn In Required Checklist Documents


  • Prod Squad
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    Hi Les, 

    Yousef is here, head of DTM product. 

    This is a great idea, and fortunately, we already have a solution for you.
    Since this feature will affect all the agents at your brokerage, it is only available to a broker role/account.
    Please see below an article explaining how to use this feature, followed by a screenshot of a broker account notification section. 

    The article explaining how to use this feature:





    Head of DTM Product

  • Les Sease
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    Oh Happy Day!!!  Thank you for the follow up.  

  • Ryan Means
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    I love this feature, but I think it should add to the log as well. Any/every time the auto-notifications/reminders are sent to the agent (or anyone really) it should be noted in the Log. Some form of email tracking that shows if they opened the email could be very useful too. 

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