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    Hi Lea,

    Thank you for taking the time to submit feedback! This is a great suggestion. We will continue to monitor this one for "yes/up-votes". 


    -Buck, VP Product at SkySlope

  • BHHS California Properties HSOA
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    Our clients are also asking if the individual PDFs can be saved in 1 single PDF... for instance, if they can select the docs they want (or select all), when they download them they would like to have the option of saving whatever they select as a single PDF.

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    Got it. Make sense. Thanks for the additional context.


  • BHHS California Properties HSOA
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    It's been about 9 months since I asked about this... Our client's continue to express their frustration that they have to "save" one document at a time in order to save them all to their computer when we send a document bundle. There can be dozens and dozens of files on some transactions. This process is archaic. Is really that difficult to allow a client to "select all" and then "save all" or "download all"? This up-vote system of deciding which products to work on also doesn't work. There is no way people are going to search through every single suggestion and up-vote if they also believe the suggestion would be beneficial to them. There are probably tons of suggestions on here that I would up-vote... if I didn't have anything else to do other than read all the suggestions. :/ Can you please bring this suggestion up to your developers again? Perhaps this is a fairly simple fix, and it would make a huge difference to all of our clients that receive document bundles. Otherwise, the document bundle feature has very little value. 

  • Prod Squad
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    Thanks for your feedback!

    We can see how it might be useful to download all files related to a transaction or listing.

    Can you help us answer a few questions to better understand your request:

    • It sounds like you want to download all documents so that you can send all files to your client? Is that correct? What does your client use them for? Is there another reason to download all documents?
    • What would be the preferred format of downloaded documents? (e.g., one zip file with each individual document or one PDF that combines all documents)
    • Who typically downloads all documents? Agents? Admins? Auditors? All of the above?
    • Who else would receive these documents after being downloaded?
    • Are these documents stored anywhere outside of SkySlope?

    Thanks again,

    Carlo, Product Manager

  • Donna L Niksich
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    Hi there, I'm going to answer some of the questions you posted here Carlo, according to our policies/procedures.

    We are required to provide the file to the clients after close of escrow.

    We were copying the file on USB's, but are getting away from doing that as a company (agents can still do it that way if they prefer).

    If we are going to move towards sharing bundles with clients, this process sounds frustrating for a client to receive each individual document, and have to click on each one to download.  

    I don't think one PDF which combines all documents would be the answer here. Some files may have up to 100 documents.   As a matter of fact, for us to have to click on each individual document in the Docs tab is very time consuming and cumbersome.  

    Mainly our Transaction Coordinators will be the one sharing with the clients, and agents who transact their own file. 

    The file is only for the client, unless of course, there's a legal problem and an attorney gets involved, then we would also need to send certain documents in a bundle the them. 

    We don't have these docs stored anywhere else as a company.  Not sure what others do. 

    Please do anything you can to get this process streamlined, and more user friendly for all.    Thank you. 

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