Add a link inside a task that goes straight to the listing or transaction


  • Kristina Finlayson
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    Hi there! 

    Kris here from the SkySlope UX Team. I love where you're going with this request - thanks for sharing!

    Few follow-up questions for you: 

    • Can you give an example of how you use tasks to ensure I understand your post? 
    • To clarify, are you trying to navigate to your file prior to completing your task or after completing it?
    • What are you trying to do in your file after navigating there?

    Thanks and I look forward to hearing back from you,


  • Kelly Garcia
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    Hi Kris!

    So that the agents can go to their task, accept it and then have a link right after they accept it to go straight to the property file instead of having to go back to the home page, then go to the listing or transaction page and then go to the property and do the task. For instance our broker has a task to review the files about 3 days after a property goes under contract. He utilizes the big "Task & Reminder" button on the home page and then views  "Task assigned to me" He has to click the task and accept it. Then to go to the file he has to leave that page, go to his home page and go find the transaction etc.. If there were a link that pops up once the agent accepts the task, to go to the file directly, that would be nice. Make sense? Then he can go the Task tab inside the file to mark the task done. See pics below. Just a thought. As a broker his task are a bit different than admin task even though he is an admin too etc...Hope that makes sense?  


  • Kristina Finlayson
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    Gotcha, that makes total sense! 

    You want a way to quickly navigate to where you can complete that task, rather than going home and then into the file after already having closed the task. 

    Thanks again for the suggestion. I have provided this info to our product manager, Yousef! 

    Please don't hesitate to reach out for any other questions or suggestions,


    UX Lead 

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